HackerOne Clearance

What is HackerOne Clearance?

HackerOne Clearance is a pool of hackers that have satisfied strict background and identity checks, and are also active and high-performing members of the HackerOne community.

What are the benefits of having HackerOne Clearance?

Having HackerOne Clearance makes you eligible to participate in:

  • HackerOne Clear programs (programs that require you to have Clearance in order to participate in)
  • Live hacking events that require clearance
  • Retesting

How does a hacker get HackerOne Clearance?

To obtain HackerOne Clearance, you need to be a member of the HackerOne community that produces high quality findings, acts responsibly and behaves professionally (zero Code of Conduct violations). You’ll specifically be invited to obtain HackerOne Clearance through which you’ll need to agree to a stricter set of terms called the HackerOne Clear Finder Additional Terms. (These terms build on our regular hacker terms but have stricter confidentiality terms and higher expectations around professional conduct.)

After agreeing to the terms, you’ll need to pass a criminal background check. When the background check comes back without any red flags, you’ll be awarded your Clearance.

Note: The background check is repeated on an annual basis and is required to retain your Clearance.