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Microsoft Teams

How to integrate with Microsoft Teams

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Note: This integration is only available to HackerOne Enterprise customers.

With the Microsoft Teams integration, you can keep track of activities happening on HackerOne in your Microsoft Teams interface. You’ll be able to receive notifications in selected channels of all your report activities on HackerOne which include: status changes, bounties being paid, new comments, and more.


To set up the Microsoft Teams integration, you’ll need to follow these 2 steps:

  1. Configure an incoming webhook in Microsoft Teams

  2. Configure the integration in HackerOne

Configure an Incoming Webhook

To configure an incoming webhook in Microsoft Teams:

  1. Go to your Microsoft Teams application.

  2. Find the team you want to use for the integration under Your teams.

  3. Click on the 3 dots next to the channel you want to use for the integration underneath your chosen team. (The image in step 4 exemplifies that the channel called "General" underneath the HackerOne team will be used for this webhook. Please be sure to select the channel and team that you want to use.)

  4. Select Connectors.

  5. Click Add next to Incoming Webhook.

  6. Click on Add in the top left corner of the Incoming Webhook page.

  7. Enter a name for the webhook in the field. For example, you can put HackerOne.

  8. (Optional) Click Upload Image to associate an image for your incoming webhook. You can download the HackerOne logo here.

  9. Click Create to add your webhook to the channel.

  10. Copy the webhook URL and store it somewhere for the next phase of the setup.

  11. Click Done.

Configure the Integration on HackerOne

Once you’ve set up an incoming webhook in Microsoft Teams, you can configure the integration on HackerOne. To configure the integration on HackerOne:

  1. Navigate to Program Settings > Program > Integrations on HackerOne.

  2. Select Connect with Microsoft Teams.

  3. Click on Edit to configure the integration.

  4. Paste the webhook URL that you created in the first phase of the setup (from step 10 above).

  5. Click Finish to complete the configuration.

  6. Click Enable to start the Microsoft Teams integration.

New report activities will now post notifications to the configured Microsoft Teams channel.

Disable the Integration

To disable the Microsoft Teams integration:

  1. Navigate to Program Settings > Program > Integrations > Microsoft Teams on HackerOne.

  2. Click Disable next to Microsoft Teams.

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